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Dec 8, 2010

Huh? – Canon warranty and promo stupidity

I recently purchased a camera and then emailed the scanned warranty card together with the invoice to their email address as indicated on the card.  I got a reply from them that included this note:

To register the 3-year warranty, kindly visit our website at and click the  Promo Redemption Portal.  By the way, the PS G12 comes with a 2Gb iPod Shuffle.  The said items can be redeemed by also registering online.  You may also click the link below:

Please note that the email address only accept yahoo or hotmail and the maximum size to upload the sales invoice is 500kb only.  By the way, please do not use slash (/) or dash (-) in the form to prevent error and the serial number it must be digits only.

Do they have an exclusive tie-up with Yahoo or Hotmail that we can’t use a different domain?

Aug 9, 2010

New email spam using Yahoo groups

Just saw a new format of spam that is hitting our servers.

Instead of the email containing the contents of the actual spam text or image, or a link to their own spam site, spammers are now putting in just a link to a yahoo group message screen like:<some_random_words>/message

This is the spammer’s attempt to bypass spam filters but the question is how effective is this spam?  Its more of an annoyance for mail readers as they can just delete the email without even going to the site to check what the spam content might be.    Of course, there are those who just keeps on clicking links without thinking.

I wonder if a particular page can be blocked so these users won’t be able to visit those sites.  We can’t block yahoo groups outright.