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Dec 26, 2010

Keeping up with multiple sites

There are so many social networking sites today that its hard to keep up with all of them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just stay in one?  Maybe in a perfect world or perhaps when one has no choice. On the other hand, one would question why bother to keep up with all of them.  For one thing, some friends or relatives are on one site while the rest are on another or the next.

We would like to keep to one website but there are some many formats to choose and each has its advantages.  Also, the other reason for me is that I want to try out different things specially as I need to be able to explain to clients what are available and what does which.  So like right now, I have my original site using Joomla and this one using WordPress.  I’m trying to get my thoughts posted but unless I can get everyone to remember my site url and visit this, nobody would know what has been updated.

So after some playing around with the wordpress plugin, I found this site called LinksAlpha.  This will allow you to post to your WordPress account and once you publish your blog, it will update the different social networking sites that you have linked to it.

Linksalpha prides itself with the slogan “Post Once. Publish Everywhere”  and can publish to more than 30 sites so you don’t have to go to each one.  But for the free one account, you can have up to 5 sites with choices from Twitter,  Facebook.  Linkedin, MySpace,, Foursquare, Windows Live, WordPress , among others.  The other sites however don’t come free and these include Tumblr, Yahoo, Yahoo Meme, and Google Buzz.

This is my first post with Linksalpha so we’ll see if this shows up in my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Incidentally, LinksAlpha can be accessed as

Oct 23, 2009

“Social Not-working”

Just when I was just getting started on Twitter, I read this article by Clarissa Catalina Repollo from the China Business Magazine’s October, 2009 issue entitled “Social Not-working”.

The first sentence says “Facebook works the brain, but Twitter is a drain”.

According to Dr. Tracy Alloway, a psychologist at the University of Stirling in Scotland,  “Facebook holds loads of information that helps people improve their ability to recall information and use it.  Twitter on the other hand, has the opposite effect.  It produces streams of information every second that people, in turn loose the chance to process every bit of information in the brain.”

With some much information coming in from so many people, the brain no longer concentrate to process that information since new information keeps coming in.  This is probably the same as watching television.  With the visual and sound stimuli working so fast, we often don’t even notice the details anymore.

One advise I read was to read mystery novels, the ones that make you think and try to solve the crime.  So right now, I’ve dug out my old copy of my Agatha Christie and see if I can get my brains working again.

Oct 20, 2009

Just signed up on Twitter

For some curious reason to see what’s really on with Twitter, I just signed on to find out.

Took sometime to come up with a name as the limit is only 15 characters and using my full name is 17 characters. Finally decided to use “iamvillanueva”.  Short for William and not “I AM”.

Aug 5, 2009

Home work, journals, blogs and twitter

We attended the Parent-Teacher Conference at my son’s school last week. We had a good feedback on Mikmik’s development.

Part of the discussion, we asked what activities the school is giving to the students and how they are being taught. We are partly worried because whenever Mikmik comes home from school and we ask him what he learned, he usually says nothing.

One of the developments that they teacher will be encouraging is giving of home assignments to the students and study guides so the parents can keep track of what to review when the students go home. One of the recommended activities is the keeping of a journal which will also help develop writing and expression for the student.

This reminded me about blogging and thought that what if instead of using a notebook for the journal, to use the internet to post the blog. But then again, we’re talking about a 5 year old. And also I remembered a comment by someone on CNN that blogs are so 2002. It seems twitters is the rage now a days.