May 21, 2010

From Palm Treo to a Nokia N900

My faithful Palm Treo 650 has occationally been acting up so I decided to get a replacement.

I would wish to get the Palm Pre Plus or the Pixi but the price is on the extreme end & it has not exactly come to the local shores. Hopefully with the purchase of Palm by HP, they will bring it in at a more affordable price.

Due to being accustomed to the convenience of a qwerty keyboard & touchsceen of the Palm, my minimum criteria for getting a new phone was those. This ruled out both the Iphone & the Blackberry. I also need to be able to read & write in Chinese since a number of my contacts have Chinese names & sometimes need to receive sms in Chinese.

So searching for alternatives led me to the Nokia N900. One of the main reason that this made it attractive for me was the underlying OS that is linux. Being opensource means more freedom to choose & free software.

Shifting to the N900 takes a lot of getting used to. the qwerty keypad has bigger keys & the width spans the length of the phone in landscape mode so the thumbs have to move across more area. The texture is a little rough so using the fingernails like I do on the Treo makes the feel a bit weird.

Among the first things I need to do was to ensure that I got Chinese support in so I can read & write with it. I installed mscim-googlepinyin & I was able to enter the characters. The problem though is that it conflicts with the virtual keyboard so I am stuck with using the qwerty for the english input.

Once the chinese characters are working, its time to migrate my data. on my Treo, I’m using KeySuite from Chapura rather the built-in Contacts. KeySuite allowed me to sync the data to Microsoft Outlook & the full range of data fields like 19 phone numbers & emails plus personal details like spouse & anniversaries. Nokia on the other hand uses PC Suite to sync Outlook with the phone. There is a new alternative called Ovi Suite but it currently does not support the N900.

After installing PC Suite & syncing the data, I realized I have big problems. A lot of the data are missing like Middle Names, Title, Suffix, Spouse, Anniversry, children. These fields I’ve used to the fullest on the Treo. To migrate, the least I have to change is to edit the Middle Names & move the phone numbers around. Other those, I won’t be able to access all the information I’ve collected over the years. Also, it appears that the N900 does not even have a basic search function for its contents. This is one nightmare for me since all my data are stored.

Now I’m editing all my contacts just so I have the basic names and still trying to find an alternative program that will allow me to have all my data and be able to sync with Outlook. If you know one, let me know.

Nov 4, 2009


Got this in the email.  Read them even if you’re not yet 50 and some might not apply now.

The Ten Commandments for those over fifty years old:

  1. Focus on enjoying people, not on indulging in or accumulating material
  2. Plan to spend whatever you have saved. You deserve to enjoy it and the
    few healthy years you have left. Travel if you can afford it.
  3. Don’t leave anything for your children or loved ones to quarrel about. By leaving
    anything, you may even cause more trouble when you are gone.
  4. Live in the here and now, not in the yesterdays and tomorrows. It is only today that you can handle. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not even happen.
  5. Enjoy your grandchildren (if you are blessed with any) but don’t be their full-time baby sitter. You have no moral obligation to take care of them. Don’t have any guilt about refusing to baby sit anyone’s kids, including your own grandkids. Your parental obligation is to raise your children. After you have raised them into responsible children, your duties of child-rearing and babysitting are finished. Let your children raise their own offspring.
  6. Accept physical weakness, sickness and other physical pains. It is a part of the aging process. Enjoy whatever your health can allow. Enjoy what you are and what you have right now.  Stop working hard for what you do not have. If you do not have them, it’s probably late.
  7. Just enjoy your life with your spouse, children, grandchildren and friends.  People, who truly love you, love you for yourself, not for what you have. Anyone who loves you for what you have will just give you misery.
  8. Forgive and accept forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others. Enjoy peace of mind and peace of soul.
  9. Befriend death.  It’s a natural part of the life cycle.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Death is the beginning of a new and better life. So, prepare yourself not for death but for a new life.
  10. Be at peace with Our Lord God. For. . . He is all you have after you leave this life.

    JUST 19 WORDS:


Oct 23, 2009

“Social Not-working”

Just when I was just getting started on Twitter, I read this article by Clarissa Catalina Repollo from the China Business Magazine’s October, 2009 issue entitled “Social Not-working”.

The first sentence says “Facebook works the brain, but Twitter is a drain”.

According to Dr. Tracy Alloway, a psychologist at the University of Stirling in Scotland,  “Facebook holds loads of information that helps people improve their ability to recall information and use it.  Twitter on the other hand, has the opposite effect.  It produces streams of information every second that people, in turn loose the chance to process every bit of information in the brain.”

With some much information coming in from so many people, the brain no longer concentrate to process that information since new information keeps coming in.  This is probably the same as watching television.  With the visual and sound stimuli working so fast, we often don’t even notice the details anymore.

One advise I read was to read mystery novels, the ones that make you think and try to solve the crime.  So right now, I’ve dug out my old copy of my Agatha Christie and see if I can get my brains working again.

Oct 20, 2009

Just signed up on Twitter

For some curious reason to see what’s really on with Twitter, I just signed on to find out.

Took sometime to come up with a name as the limit is only 15 characters and using my full name is 17 characters. Finally decided to use “iamvillanueva”.  Short for William and not “I AM”.

Aug 5, 2009

Home work, journals, blogs and twitter

We attended the Parent-Teacher Conference at my son’s school last week. We had a good feedback on Mikmik’s development.

Part of the discussion, we asked what activities the school is giving to the students and how they are being taught. We are partly worried because whenever Mikmik comes home from school and we ask him what he learned, he usually says nothing.

One of the developments that they teacher will be encouraging is giving of home assignments to the students and study guides so the parents can keep track of what to review when the students go home. One of the recommended activities is the keeping of a journal which will also help develop writing and expression for the student.

This reminded me about blogging and thought that what if instead of using a notebook for the journal, to use the internet to post the blog. But then again, we’re talking about a 5 year old. And also I remembered a comment by someone on CNN that blogs are so 2002. It seems twitters is the rage now a days.

Feb 1, 2009

Theory does not hold water…

Yesterday, while I was drinking tea, I was being chided that I should not be drinking tea but water instead.  I was told that I don’t drink enough water that’s why I’m thin.

Err… come again?  My sister drinks more than 3 liters a day and she is not fat.

I said that theory does not hold water.

Feb 1, 2009

Are You Going to Finish Strong?

An inspirational talk from Nick Vujicic. Nick Vujicic has no arms or legs but has come to terms with his lot in life and he delivers an inspirational speech to these school kids that they will probably never forget.

Jan 4, 2009

You can’t lie to your mom…

While having lunch the other day, my son was complaining that his neck was hurting.  So my wife touched his neck and was checking where the pain was.  My son said that it was hurting from the left side of the neck up to his head while chewing.

A little while, I got a pack of chicharon and he saw it and also asked for some.  My wife agreed saying lets try a theory.

Giving a piece of the fried pork skin, my son was happily chewing it, then my wife asked if the neck is still hurting.  My son said, it doesn’t hurt.  He said with a smile, ” It only hurts while chewing rice.”

How many times have we tried to lie to our mothers or fathers when we want something.  Many times, we think we can fool them or that we were able to get away with it.  But very often, they already know what we were thinking or planning.  They have this uncanny sixth sense of knowing we are telling the truth or not.  On the other hand, if we do get away it this time, sooner or later, they’ll find out.

Parents are not born yesterday.   Just because they may not be that knowledgeable about new trends or technical stuff doesn’t mean they don’t know something.  They have been young once.  So anything we think, they may already have done it themselves.  If not, they may already have heard it from their friends and relatives, or read something about it somewhere.

History repeats itself because we never learned from it.  Something that just popped into our mind may be new. But just because it was something new that we thought of doesn’t mean it has not happened before.

So the next time you try to fool your mom, try and think again.

God bless you.

Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The day is again upon us when the whole Christiandom celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who is God who came to earth to seek and save the lost.

Often the holiday season is lost in the rush of parties and gift hunting. Some buy things just for the sake of having something to give. Its the season of getting toys and new clothes for children.   Its nice to receive the gifts but often times, we don’t have use for it.  And very often, we are like children who after a few days of playing with the new toys, gets tired of it and start to look for something new.

Let’s not forget the reason for the season.  May the Christ of CHRISTmas find a home in your heart.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas.

Dec 23, 2008


This past week I’ve been busy getting to know Facebook. I got introduced to Facebook sometime back but have not really given it much a second look.  I was still taking advantage of using Multiply.  But somehow Multiply is not exactly what I want.  I was trying to juggle between maintaining my blog with either Multiply, Yahoo 360 or this one.  I’ve finally decided to keep my blog with my own domain and use WordPress.

Why Facebook?  Well, we had a Grace Christian scouts reunion and we started an e-group using Google.  Since e-groups has its limitations to just emails, it was brought up to use Multiply and another suggested to use Facebook.  Ross seconded that Facebook was better and so we’ve started a Facebook group and here I am learning more about it as I add more friends to my network.