According to my parents, I was picked up as a baby from the trash can outside our house one morning in 1967. I’m still very much a baby then and can’t remember anything so I can’t say if that’s true or if they are just kidding.I attended Grace Christian High School from my kindergarten years to high school. Its now Grace Christian College. It was one of the best Chinese Christian schools then. I don’t know how the standard now since I haven’t visited the school for a long time now. Our school principal, Mrs. Julia Tan, has long gone to be with the Lord and her son has taken over. Most of my teachers are no longer there so there was not much sense going there anymore. That’s besides the fact that the security is too strict that it seems that the school doesn’t welcome the alumni anymore.

But no matter what, 3 things I’m sure of. I got one of the best education from that school, a lot of fond memories of my younger years and met some of the best people this side of life.

I spent 3 years for my college at the De La Salle University in Taft Avenue taking up Business and Economics majoring in Business Management. When I say spent, I really say “spent”. For one thing, DLSU uses a trimestral system. So for each school year, there are 3 compared to the 2 semesters of most schools. This allowed me to graduate one year earlier than most of my high school batchmates and earlier to fall in the line of applicants looking for a job. Three years however, does not translate to savings in terms of tuition fees. Whereas in most universities with 4 year courses would have to pay for a total of 8 semesters (that’s 4 years times 2 semesters per year), my tuition fee was for 9 trimesters (three years times 3 trims per year.)

But that’s not the important thing. Going to the best school does not mean much. I attended two of the best schools in the country but it doesn’t matter. I have a few friends have never finished high school or college but are better than some of those who did. Attending the best schools only give you an advantage and a name. Some have taken up masteral and doctorate degrees and have all sorts of letters appended to their names. So what? As King Solomon wrote, “Utterly meaningless. Everything is meaningless” ( Ecclesiastes 1:2)
Everything in this world will pass away (Mt 24:35)